The Complete Christmas Songbook

Holiday Favorites arranged for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Guitarists!

Over 200 pages ! Watch the accompanying video at

The Complete Christmas Songbook e-book is the one Christmas book to keep you picking year 'round! An accompanying video can be found at Dozens of holiday classics each arranged for any guitarist:

A beginner can find satisfaction in playing the simple melodies.

A “chord strummer” can accompany their own voice or carolers.

As a duo, two players can share the chords and melodies for the sweet sounds only guitars can create.

And ultimately an individual player can combine chords and melody as a soloist. Chord-melody playing is one of the most gratifying approaches to the instrument. If these are beyond your reach this holiday season, make it your goal to master your favorites for next year!

Lastly, I have included lyrics to complete my presentation. I’m sure you will know variations and additional verses - sing it your way!

I’m fortunate to have a lot of good Christmas memories and writing this book has been a pleasure.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my home to yours!


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